You had a refusal of visa to Canada, do not worry, contact us, and in 30 days you
have the exact reasons for your refusal. Then, you will present the new request with more
chance to succeed.
We can also represent your visa application file, by submitting by
the portal for immigration consultants licensed by the Government of Canada.
How to Apply:
To apply, you will:
* Complete the application form: Visa-information to specify the desired service;
*  Complete and sign the IMM 5744 "Consent to a request for access to
information and personal information. "
*  Email the Visa-info application form and the signed form IMM5744
How to pay:
You can pay by following payment methods: Credit Card, Western Union or
directly into one of our branches.
We look forward to serving you, and we hope you'll also be able to
travel soon to Canada.
We're happy to help you as soon
Brigitte Tchatué Tchatat ,founder of immigration performance canada